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alain-a asked:

I'm planning on cosplaying elsa soon but I'm stuck on what material to use for her sleeves! Any tips or help would be fantastic! Xx

(Hmm well I bought a shrug to wear becasue at the time I never knew her sleeves where part of her dress.)

Am I the only on bothered by this?

So I loved the season two legend of korra! The music the animation!

Just a couple of things seemed to bother me.

How Kya and Bumi are being treated at the air temples.

I mean people are flocking to Tenzin and Pema (don’t get me started on her two, there only being nice to her because she’s making air bender babies!)

I mean the people that came to greet them seemed shocked Aang had more kids! (Did Aang never go to the air temples with his kids? Did Tenzin never say he had siblings?)

So Kya and Bumi are all. “Oh where Aang’s kids too!”

"Omg more airbenders?!"


Then everyone freaking ignores them! Wtf!?

So I am bothered by this….it bugs me alot….alot more then eska and bolins “relationship”

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